12 Foods to Boost Bone Health

Bones are the basics of our body's structure and for our bones to be strong we have to work out and take special foods as weak bones are the worse which can be done to our bodies.

The bones to be healthy must be provided with healthy food and also with bone building exercises. The food for good bones must be rich in fundamental nutrients like calcium, which is involved in bone formation and vitamin D which is involved in formation of bone and maintaining the healthy bones. The sources for these essential nutrients are dairy products, sunlight and citrus juices and also other food products and sometimes our body's mechanisms.

There are many products which can be the best source for the calcium rich food like baked herring and chocolate pudding. But they must also be healthy enough so that you don't gain weight in order to boost the health levels of your bones.

So to help you out we have come here to help you and provide you with the top 12 foods which can not only boost the healthy bones but also help you maintain good health.

But you must not start just in taking calcium as you may be aware of old saying "excess of everything is bad". So you need to define fine lines to know what the average healthy amount for calcium intake is. According to experts the average amount of the calcium intake must not exceed 1,500 mg. and you must take this amount of calcium at three different times because our body can absorb 500 mg of calcium at a time.

Breakfast for strong bones:

There are many products available in market which can provide you with calcium rich breakfast check the labels for the average amount of calcium each provide.

Here starts the count for calcium rich food along with vitamin D.

1. Cereal- calcium fortified (1 cup)              100-1000 mg Calcium

2. Soy milk-calcium fortified (8 ounces)       80-500 mg Calcium

3. Milk- non fat (1 cup)                               300 mg calcium

4. Yogurt (1 cup)                                        300-400 mg calcium

5. Orange juice- calcium fortified                200-340 mg Calcium

Supper for strong bones:

Above mentioned is the calcium rich food as breakfast. Now, it is time to for supper and also for the other half of the dose of your calcium which is estimated to be some 500 mg. you can add following foods in your dinner, lunch or tea-time. They can be the best source for the calcium and healthy food for you to be in shape. Here are the next seven foods which can provide you with the enough calcium to meet your daily requirements.

6. Canned sardines: (3 ounce)                    320 mg of calcium

7. Swiss cheese: (1 ounce)                         270 mg calcium

8. Cheddar cheese (1 ounce)                      200 mg calcium

9. Canned salmon (3 ounce)                       200 mg calcium

10. Turnip greens (1 cup)                          200 mg calcium

11. Kale cooked(1 cup)                              90 mg calcium

12. Raw broccoli(1 cup)                             90 mg calcium

Using these foods can enhance your bone density and strength.

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