What is Depression?

At the time, one feels depressed his brain releases a fusion of chemicals in his bloodstream thus changing the functional mode of brain. This happens with the action of some external factors e.g. as a reaction against particular circumstances or as reaction against other person etc.

Depression and its effects are factors, which can make a person, feel lightly or severely depressed. The mechanism of depression is extremely simple to understand. A human brain is composed of billions of nerve cells i.e. neurons. These neurons or cells are involved in carrying our messages to the body and from the body to the brain. The chemical they use for this transportation is neurotransmitter.



Five Sleep Myths and How to Beat Them

Everyone passes through sleepless tossing and turning nights. There are a number of myths associated with sleep and suggestions are mentioned for you to turn your sleepless nights in to serene sleep.

1. Eight has got magic: there is nothing like perfect eight sleep rather every one has his own sleep requirements. You must know what your sleep requirements are and what time is exact to start with your sleep.

Suggestion: do not let your sleeps overwhelm with this myth rather pay heed to your body requirements. Go to bed as per your requirements.


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