Five Sleep Myths and How to Beat Them

Everyone passes through sleepless tossing and turning nights. There are a number of myths associated with sleep and suggestions are mentioned for you to turn your sleepless nights in to serene sleep.

1. Eight has got magic: there is nothing like perfect eight sleep rather every one has his own sleep requirements. You must know what your sleep requirements are and what time is exact to start with your sleep.

Suggestion: do not let your sleeps overwhelm with this myth rather pay heed to your body requirements. Go to bed as per your requirements.

2. Make up for your lost sleep while weekends: no! This would do no good to you in fact your circadian rhythm would be disrupted and you would fail to get in to deeper sleeps. Therefore, do not go making up your sleeps while weekends. Be very consistent with your sleeps and with every routine.

Suggestion: try and going to bed and waking up at same time, everyday including weekends.

3. Some people only require a few hour of sleep: sleeping less is not good for your health and wellbeing. Your performance can also be impaired and problems regarding physical but also emotional and mental health may arise.

Suggestion: in case you do not feel like sleeping try doing something rather boring this would make you fall asleep. Take rest full and almost eight hours of sleep.

4. Chronic Insomnia requires medication: be informed sleeping medications are only targeted for short-term disorders regarding sleep. So avoid taking them if you have chronic insomnia.

Suggestion: cognitive Behavior Therapy can be every effective for you to fight against your chronic sleeping disorder.

5. Being older means requiring lesser sleep: aging effects the deep state of sleep however, sleep is equally important for every age.

Suggestions: stop taking naps. This would help you get in to deeper sleeps at night.

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