What do I Need to Know about Quitting?

If you are smoker then you must give a thought to this question. It is a common thing that people who smoke a lot are often find coughing, having block chests, erectile dysfunction and many other thing and the most deadly of all are heart diseases and lung cancers.

If you have this question in mind which asks you that why you should be quitting your smoking habit? The only answer to this question which I feel suitable to get you to you the right awareness is: for the sake of your healthy and quality life.



Why Should I Quit?

This is the question which may come in the mind of one who feels pleasure in smoking but is not aware of the painful effects he will be experiencing after wards. Here are the reasons that should be known to you so that you can take steps to quit this deadly habit.


Smoking is the culprit which can give you a Lung cancer but some other cancers are also associated to this habit. The cancers include:



Help With the Physical Part of Addiction: Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Other Medicines:

Nicotine replacement therapy:

Nicotine can make you dependant on its whole, this can be a huge hurdle in the way when you get you geared for "Quit Smoking". The hurdle is the other name I am using for "withdrawal symptoms". Nicotine replacement therapy is a way of providing you with nicotine through other means. The means of providing the smoker with the nicotine includes: patches, gums, sprays, inhalers and lozenges. In the therapy only nicotine is provided not the other harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide etc.



Types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Here are the five types of NRT approved and defined by FDA.

Nicotine patches:

These patches are applied directly to the skin and they give a measured dose of nicotine to the body. The course for the patches is completed over some weeks. These patches are available in market and you can get them with or without prescription but better buy them with prescription. The method for using these patches is enclosed in the package along with the things to be considered and side effects, possible.



Which Type of Nicotine Replacement May be Right for You?

There is no specific way of getting the knowledge of what are the methods for nicotine replacement therapy which will be right for you. Before you chose any of the methods to get started with you need to find out which will stick best to you. You need to get to the right way of the thing you will need to keep with to quit smoking.

Some of the important points you will need to consider before deciding for one, here we go:


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