Help With the Physical Part of Addiction: Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Other Medicines:

Nicotine replacement therapy:

Nicotine can make you dependant on its whole, this can be a huge hurdle in the way when you get you geared for "Quit Smoking". The hurdle is the other name I am using for "withdrawal symptoms". Nicotine replacement therapy is a way of providing you with nicotine through other means. The means of providing the smoker with the nicotine includes: patches, gums, sprays, inhalers and lozenges. In the therapy only nicotine is provided not the other harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide etc.

The way therapy works:

Nicotine therapy works against the withdrawal symptoms and also against the craving. Most of the smokers can quit smoking even without utilizing this therapy but the problem is smoking is difficult to quit in the first try. Telling you the truth it can take up to 7-10 tries to quit smoking, in fact.

If you are lacking success in the quit smoking revolution then the problem is the cause of "withdrawal symptoms" and you are likely to turn back on your heals within first 2 to 3 months. So, you can get in to this therapy to add to help you quit smoking.

Getting the most out of nicotine replacement therapy:

It is said that to get out of smoking habit you need to have your physical and mental capabilities concentrated towards this thing but to inform you nicotine replacement therapy is only involved and beneficial in physical addiction. So you would have to combine some of the methods for controlling your psychological drive for smoking. So if you pair NRT and some other behavior modifying therapy you can get the best results.

When may I start utilizing Nicotine replacement therapy?

If you are planning to take this NRT then why don't you just now? You can get in to this therapy as soon as you get through this note and it would be very beneficial for you to stop smoking right now. So, when the next time you take your hand to your pocket, when your body asks for nicotine you must come out with some gun or some inhaler. You can check for the methods useful in your case.

How do I know if I am light, average or a chain smoker?

Most of the NRT products are recommended to the people depending on the rate they smoke. There are different products for light, average or a chain smoker but the thing is there are no special limits defined for the classification of the smokers. But generally for smokers who are considered to be light smoker are those who smoke 10 cigarettes a day while a chain smoker is one who never let his hands and lisp free from cigarettes.

You can also estimate about your category of smoker, consulting your doctor. Doctors generally use a term " pack Year" to define the category you may belong to, this term is also a way to make your doctor aware about the diseases you are getting in each passing year.

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