Obese May be Less Likely to Survive Pancreatic Cancer

Obese people with pancreatic cancer are more at risk for the spread of the cancer to their lymph nodes while they undergo surgery as per revealed by studies.

Experts are of the view that there is a great difference between the cancer growth among obese people and people with normal weight. They have suggested that people with the body weight exceeding 223 pounds are almost twice at risk for growth of cancer to the lymph nodes and die immediately after they had been operated for cancer removal.

Further studies have also added that people being over weight develop huge tumors and thus, they do not come out with the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation treatment so they have only a way left and that is surgery.

The spread of the cancer to the lymph nodes is result of levels of insulin and lymphatic flow physiology. Insulin is said to play a major role in cancer growth.

It has been seen that obese people are more likely to be diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer at very first instance. Other factors, which increase the risk, are:

- smoking

- diabetes(long-term)

- genetic disorders

- chronic pancreatitis

Reportedly, pancreatic cancer occupies fourth place among cancer causing death among men and women around America. In case a person gets diagnosed early for this disease he is less likely to control this cancer as it spreads, fast. Another factor, which keeps it hidden in the surfacing of symptoms that never show up until cancer, reaches advanced stages.

Obesity has been observed to worsen other tumor conditions as in breast cancer and other cancers. It has been evaluated that almost two-third among American adults are over-weight as per considerations while one-third is estimated to be OBESE. However, the fact needs clarification here is “not every pancreatic cancer bearer is obese; neither every obese person has pancreatic development”.

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