Why should I quit?

This is the question which may come in the mind of one who feels pleasure in smoking but is not aware of the painful effects he will be experiencing after wards. Here are the reasons that should be known to you so that you can take steps to quit this deadly habit.


Smoking is the culprit which can give you a Lung cancer but some other cancers are also associated to this habit. The cancers include:

- Mouth cancer

- Larynx cancer

- Throat cancer

- Esophagus cancer

- Bladder cancer

- Kidney cancer

- Cervix cancer

- Stomach cancer

- Blood cancer

Diseases related to lungs:

The diseases related to lungs which are the causation of smoking have pneumonia at the top of the list. Being a smoker you are also at the risk of emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Later two diseases are grouped under a same title "chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease" which can be abbreviated as CODP. It can be very fatal and worsen over years while long-term smokers are at high risk for this disease.

Heart attacks, strokes and blood vessel disease:

Smokers are more at the risk of heart disease as compared to those who are not smokers. This can be a very fatal habit. Smoking is the risk factor, chief, for the peripheral vascular disease. It is also the main contributor to strokes.

Erectile dysfunction is also a main abnormality caused by smoking in men.

Blindness and other problems:

Smoking is the chief contributor to blindness in old age as it can increase the risk of muscular degeneration. Some of the other problems associated to smoking are wrinkling of skin before time and also the bad breath. Bad smelling clothes and hair and finger nails can be turned in to yellow color.

Special risks for women and babies:

If you are a woman and are also a smoker then you must get knowledge about the risks you are open to, not only you but also your baby. Being a smoker you are more prone to heart attacks, stroke and limbs blood clotting. If you are pregnant then you are at risk of miscarriage and also giving birth to unhealthy baby with impaired functioning.

Lost years for smoking:

Smoking has not just harmed the quality of your life but also to the length of your life. According to an estimate an average adult smoker lost nearly 13.5 years of his life and a female smoker lose 14.5 years.

Immediate Rewards of Quitting:

You must have thought that you can quit later then why should you be quitting it now? Well! As mentioned before smoking has its adverse effects and if you quit it know it will help you in many ways. Quitting smoke can provide you with immediate rewards. Some of them are mentioned below from your assistance:

- You get rid of bad breath

- Your teeth retain white color

- You are far from those bad smelling clothes and hair

- You are free from yellow fingers and nails

- Now, food will taste better

- Your smelling sense will return to normal

- Now, you won't feel out of breath.

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