Types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Here are the five types of NRT approved and defined by FDA.

Nicotine patches:

These patches are applied directly to the skin and they give a measured dose of nicotine to the body. The course for the patches is completed over some weeks. These patches are available in market and you can get them with or without prescription but better buy them with prescription. The method for using these patches is enclosed in the package along with the things to be considered and side effects, possible.

The appearances of side effects are generally related to:

- The dose of nicotine

- The patch brand

- Skin characteristics

- The span for the patch use

- The method of its application

The possible side effects for using this sort of NRT are:

- Itching and redness

- Dizziness

- Increased heart beat

- Problematic sleep

- Headache

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Muscle aches

Nicotine gum:

This is far faster acting for of nicotine replacement therapy. In this method of NRT, nicotine is taken in to the body through the mucous membrane of the mouth. The gum for the NRT can be bought through any of the pharmacy with or without prescription; you can buy these gums in different strengths i.e. 2 mg and 4 mg. the instructions for use are enclosed in the packages. You are likely to experience some of the side effects from the nicotine gum. Some of the possible effects are:

- Bad taste

- Throat irritation

- Mouth sores

- Hiccups

- Nausea

- Racing heartbeat

Do follow the instruction for avoiding side effects to great degree.

Nicotine Nasal spray:

For NRT nasal sprays are also in market, they provide nicotine to the bloodstream through nose or in other words in the same way as the cigarettes. So, is only available with the prescription. The nasal spray is so effective that they can relieve withdrawal symptoms in no time. You are also prone to experience some sort of the side effects. Some of them are:

- Nasal irritation

- Runny nose

- Sneezing

- Throat irritation

- Coughing

Aside from the side effects, you can also are at the danger if especially you are suffering from some of the disease like sinus problems, nasal polyps, allergies or asthma. Ask your doctor or he may suggest you some other sort of NRT.

Nicotine Inhaler:

Nicotine inhalers are also only available at the prescription. The nicotine inhalers have cartridge inside you just have to inhale to provide your body with nicotine trough your lungs. Consult your doctor and they will provide you with the required dose to fight back withdrawal symptoms. The common side effects associated to this method are:

- Coughing

- Throat irritation

- Upset stomach

Nicotine Lozenges:

You can get these lozenges with or without prescription. These are the newest form for the NRT. Nicotine lozenges are also available in two strengths: 2 mg and 4 mg. you can chose the dose with consultation to your doctor.

The possible side effects for the lozenges are:

- Trouble sleeping

- Nausea

- Hiccups

- Heart burn

- Headache

- Flatulence

- Coughing

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