What do I Need to Know About Quitting?

If you are smoker then you must give a thought to this question. It is a common thing that people who smoke a lot are often find coughing, having block chests, erectile dysfunction and many other thing and the most deadly of all are heart diseases and lung cancers.

If you have this question in mind which asks you that why you should be quitting your smoking habit? The only answer to this question which I feel suitable to get you to you the right awareness is: for the sake of your healthy and quality life.

If you don't find it satisfactory then you must get in to the details for letting go your habitual smoking. Smoking is not just harmful for you but also for people surrounding you.

It is a known fact that quitting smoking is not an easy task but you can do it if you have enough "Will Power" to quit this adverse habit. If you are among those smokers who are aware of the harmful effects of the smoking habit and you want to get out of this deadly thing and you also have tried enough times to quit it but lately you have come up with "I'll quit Tomorrow" answer then you need to find why smoking tobacco is so difficult.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

It is said that quit the habit to smoke tobacco is not an easy so, I feel the need to inform you that why it is said. The only answer to this question is "Nicotine".

Nicotine: is a sort of compound which is present in tobacco and as you start smoking and eventually become a habitual smoker, it makes you its addict.

How does nicotine effect?

Nicotine enters your body as you inhale smoke and carried deep down in to your lungs from where it gets in to your blood stream and spreads throughout your body. Nicotine adversely affects each system of your body. If you are female smoker then I must add here that nicotine can be a part of your body which includes breast milk and will leave harmful affect on your baby in case you are pregnant and even can be found in the umbilical cord of new born baby.

How one gets addictive to nicotine?

As one start smoking nicotine gives him pleasant feelings and he tempts to smoke more. Soon nicotine gets in to nervous system and asks the smoker to increase the rate of the cigarettes thus increasing the amount of nicotine in blood. sooner or later, the smoker develops a tolerance against nicotine, which means know he would need more nicotine to get the same amount of pleasure he use to get from small amounts of tobacco. This leads to chain smoking.

Withdrawal symptoms: hurdle to quit habit

When a smoker tries to quit smoking withdrawal symptoms create a hurdle asking him to start smoking again. The symptoms are:

- Dizziness

- Depression

- Frustration

- Anger and impatience

- Anxiety

- Irritability

- Sleep disturbance

- Concentrating problems

- Headaches

- Tiredness

- Increased appetite

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