What is Depression?

At the time, one feels depressed his brain releases a fusion of chemicals in his bloodstream thus changing the functional mode of brain. This happens with the action of some external factors e.g. as a reaction against particular circumstances or as reaction against other person etc.

Depression and its effects are factors, which can make a person, feel lightly or severely depressed. The mechanism of depression is extremely simple to understand. A human brain is composed of billions of nerve cells i.e. neurons. These neurons or cells are involved in carrying our messages to the body and from the body to the brain. The chemical they use for this transportation is neurotransmitter.

This transportation chemical also has to perform other functions as well like influencing emotional state. If these emotional signals are somehow weaken, a person may feel depressed.

Two treatment-methods are implemented over to cure and fight against depression i.e. medication and psychotherapy

Psychotherapy: this therapy is based on “talking out your emotions” formula. This is the reason it is also known as “Talk Therapy”. Depression is cured by this therapy and it has proved to be an influential therapy for curing depression. However, this mode of treating depression may take up a long time say ten to twenty weeks.

Following are the types of “psychotherapy”

- Group therapy involves treatment of depression patients sit down and discuss what they feel for same situation. Generally, depression patients taken have same problem for which they are feeling depression.

- Cognitive Behavioral therapy involves understanding what depression is and how it occurs.

- Interpersonal therapy is focusing over the situations, which are causative for the depression.

- Psychodynamic therapy is linking up depression with several traumatic situations that have happened in depression patient’s life.

Medications: a huge amount of patients is being treated for depression through medication and it has often proved successful. The time taken for normalizing a patient is also smaller as compared to other treatment method. This treatment is done based on what is the state of depression, which has engulfed a patient. Medications used for this purpose falls under the category i.e. Antidepressants. The two widely known antidepressants are Wellbutrin and Paxil CR.

These medications are provided only on the prescription from a doctor.

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