Banish the Bags Under Eyes

Dark circle or bags under eyes whatever you call them. They are just so embarrassing, as they give a look for being over tired and also far older then you really are. And you need to be informed that dark circles in youth are a usual thing and it grew worse as one age.

Many among those who are fed up of the remarks telling them they look tired and older have turned their faces towards cosmetic surgeries but to add to your information this is only a way to treat your eye bags you have more options to look fresher and younger.

Causes of eye bags:

Before, we step towards the remedies I feel the need to make clear that why these "eye Bags" occur. You must have experiencing a puffy pillow below your eye but you are not getting the reason for these appearances so, let's get in to details. Actually there is some amount of fat below the eye which is held in place by means of ligaments as you age these ligaments weaken giving the fat way out to form a under eye bags.

Options for the treatment of the under eye bags:

Home remedies:

you must have heard about the home remedies for your eye bag treatments as using the cold bags of tea, cold cucumber slices or using the back of ice cold spoon for soothing your eyes and also reduce your eye bags. The work is done by the cold which helps the fat sit back. But the ice bag can be the best choice among them as it has some of the components which can reduce the amount of the fluid retained in the puffy area.

Inject able wrinkle fillers:

If you are up to some of the treatment which seems temporary but still can last longer than the home remedies then you can make your way towards these "wrinkle fillers". These are injected to the puffy area of the eye and they are specialized to cut down the puffiness of the under eye area.

Surgical eyelift:

If you want somewhat long-lasting treatment then you can decide for the surgical eyelift. It is said that this last much longer than any other treatment. In this treatment a tiny electronic probe is inserted in to the puffy area directly to let the fat melt. If you are young then only fat melting will be fine but if you are old and have excessive skin then the surgery will be completed after removing some skin from that area leaving behind smooth, fresh and young-looking eyes.

The time taken for the surgery is nothing more than just an hour and for the conduction of surgery you would be given local anesthesia and mild sedation. Healing takes not more than two weeks and if you want to go out then you can start using make up after some eight days of surgery.

The thing is the cost can be high for the eye bag surgery but it is long lasting.

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