Ten Craziest Diets in History

Dieting is something people around the world are tired off, this does not means they do not try to lose weight, they manage to take less food and work out more. Some people on other hand take up crash diets and some do not go for diet at all rather they keep looking around for some miracle to happen making them lose their weight in few hours. These facts has lead to craziest diets in the history. Below I have mentioned top ten eeriest dieting methods ever being tried and heard.

The Chewing Diet

This form of diet was introduced during Edwardian era. This diet method was because chewing food sufficiently can lead to good absorption in body. Chewing diet means you must chew your bite around thirty-two times this means you have to keep chewing your food for almost thirty seconds. Once you are done with your chewing you must tilt your head back and let the food fall in to the throat rather then swallowing. This would keep any badly chewed food going in to your stomach.

The possible side effect for this diet could be a longer meal, sore jaw and disgusted meal mates.

The Tapeworm Diet:

This method of diet works on the formula for putting in a tape worm inside your stomach so if you are eating up meal for two then this tape worm would help you ward off un-necessary food. For this diet a capsule is sold in market promising you to shed your waist in inches.

Possible side effects for this method of diet is infection, diarrhea, nausea and headaches. Your organs can also be blocked with the eggs of these tapeworms and may result in death. NO EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THIS DIET FOR ITS EFFECTIVNESS.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet:

“Keep sleeping” this was the formula over which “the sleeping beauty diet” works. Sleeping would keep you from eating much resultantly weight lost.

The possible side effects of this diet are the headache, fatigue and nausea.

The vision diet:

This method tells that you would eat less if you do not like the look of your food. For this purpose you may try blue lens glasses.

Certainly you would look geek with blue glasses on and may confront problems with vision due to prolonged glasses exposure.

Washing Away the Pounds:

This method for diet is based over the fact that if you have to lose weight then you must shower daily. This would wash over your pounds. Weird? The seaweed soap are effective enough to breakdown fat while penetrating your skin.

Allergic reactions are possible with use of seaweed soap.

Ear Stapling:

Staple the inner cartilage of your ear for the sake of lessening your appetite. A staple is effective only for six weeks or at most three months. This method has been acclaimed for being extremely effective.

Ear stapling could be a little painful. Infection may also occur while in some cases nerve damage has been observed.

The Cotton Ball Diet:

This diet make people swallow cotton balls either dry or soaked in gelatin. These cotton balls are extremely filling and they do not give calories to the body.

Cotton balls are disgustingly dry and boring to eat. Major problems of digestive system are associated with the diet while lack of nourishment is another side effect.

The Blood Type Diet

This method has its bases over the fact that some sort of food suits best with certain blood type. This means eating according to your blood type would help you lose your weight. As person having A blood type should eat veggies and people with O must stop eating grain and lenticels.

The Hallelujah Diet:

This method finds it basis on the food recommended in Genesis Chapter 1, verse 29.

The Caveman Diet:

This diet method taught the use of the diet according to the food as was available to the cave dweller. This means no lean meat, no fish, no agric-products and no oils.

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