Eight Symptoms Women Over Forty Should not Avoid

Most of the time when you come up with a small sign of discomfort you do not pay much heed to it rather ignoring is the best option you select for however, you need to know small signs could be signaling you for big disorders. Although you may find it difficult to judge what is more serious or what is not still you have to be very alarm about these minor signs or symptoms.

You, while middling your age must know that there is a juggling between your well-being and so little signs does matter. Therefore here are eight important symptoms, if you confront them you better get to your heels and rush towards hospital for medical aid.

Swelling and pain in calf:

understood cause: pulled muscle

truth: a clot of blood in your leg

Calf pain is a major sign for the Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is a fatal condition as it blocks the pathway of blood resulting pain and swelling.

Coupled Signs: other signs to be coupled with this symptom for diagnosis of DVT is redness, warmth, short of breath, pain in chest.

Time to act? In case you are experiencing these symptoms unbroken then it is time to act. Contact your doctor immediately.

Flu like Feelings (Chills, Sweating, Fatigue and Nausea)

Understood cause: Virus

Truth: Heart Attack

Coupled Signs: breath shortness, pain in back, pain and pressure in chest, pain in upper abdomen, jaw or arm.

Time to Act? In case you are experiencing above mentioned symptoms then call 911 right away and ask for ambulance telling them “you are having a heart attack”.

Tingling, Numbness and burning in your Feet:

Understood cause: a tight fitting of your pair of shoes БзЮTruth: elevated levels of blood sugar

Coupled signs: a little tingling, numbness and burning sensation in arms, frequent need for urination, exceeding thirst and hunger, loss of weight, fatigue and blurry vision.

Time to Act? If you are experiencing these sensations more then few weeks then go and see your doctor for diabetes checkup.

Pelvic Pain and Bloating:

Understood cause: bug in gastrointestinal cavity

Truth: cancer of ovary

Coupled signs: problem regarding appetite making you feel full soon, frequent urination with increased urgency, changes with bowel habits.

Time to Act? In case you are experiencing these symptoms from last few weeks go and ask your gynecologist for check up.

Persistent Cough

Understood cause: COLD

Truth: Adult-onset Asthma

Coupled signs: coughing while sleeping or exercising indicated asthma.

Risk Factors: Obesity, smoking habits, respiratory tract infection of recent nature and allergies.

Time to Act? This is not as alarming but it does need to be diagnosed so incase you have asthma attack you would be available with first aids.

Fatigue (no matter how much you take sleep)

Understood cause: flu

Truth: sleep disorder

Coupled Signs: fatigue, restless leg syndrome, sudden breath breaks while sleeping, waking up with headaches, depression, irritable etc.

Time to Act? In case you are going through these symptoms for more then a month then it is time to see your doctor.

Trouble composing a good verbal gesture:

Understood cause: deprivation of sleep

Truth: Stroke

Coupled signs: weakness at any side of your body, dizziness, slurred speeches, blurry visions, neck stiffness, headache, lack of coordination.

Time to Act? If you suddenly develop a sign it is better to call 911 immediately asking for help.

A New Mole

Understood Cause: a harmless growth of skin

Truth: skin Cancer

Coupled signs: in case your, old or new mole changes its color to dark brown or black and starts becoming itchy, painful and bleeds at times.

Time to Act? In case you are having these symptoms then call your dermatologist and ask for appointment.

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