Men and Hair Loss

Hair loss is a thing which has make men all around the world spend millions of dollars for. There are many products available in the markets which are specialized to help in maintaining healthy hair and them without loss. But, unfortunately most among them are just the way of catching money and they do nothing good to prevent hair loss.

Male pattern baldness can be avoided using some of the effective treatments up in the clinics and market but again there are only few that are effective.

Men have always been finding way to prevent the hair loss but the thing is they get more in finding ways to prevent this loss which give them a weird look. Although it is a natural phenomenon but there are many ways to prevent hair loss. There had been many concoctions to prevent hair loss back from the historical times. Some were of the view that hippo fat pomades can be used to prevent hair loss while some other had views like using young foal's urine to save your hair. But whatever were the views about the hair loss people had never been able to prevent their hair loss in any way.

Some of the options which can help you prevent hair loss to the greater exten are added to this note for your assistance so, the next time you get to your friends they don't just speak up like "Oh My God what happened to you?" "Hey where are your hairs?"

Let's get in to the options before you start collecting such kind of comments.

• Hair loss preventing pill:

As mentioned above that there are many products available in the market which can help you prevent hair loss but there are only few effective ones which can help you in the true way.

Finasteride, is a pill which can be used to prevent hair loss. You can take some 1mg dose daily. It is more commonly known as Propecia. This pill is recommended by many dermatologists throughout the world. They say that it effects in the way as it lowers the level of DHT which is the main reason for increasing the level of the hair loss in men.

One other pill for hair loss is minodxil. This also approved pill for hair loss by FDA. This pill will help you regain hair you have lost, within months. But this pill comes with side effects especially sexual. Some of the men using this drug experience decrease in libido and some related but side effects are rather rare and temporary.

• Hair loss treatment using liquid:

Rogaine is a type of treatment in which you have to apply the iquid on your scalp. It is a very effective sort of treatment. You have to apply the liquid twice daily for best results. This can be so beneficial that it can result in stimulation of growth if you are in early stages of hair loss.

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