Osteoporosis Diet Dangers: Foods to Avoid

If you have been diagnosed to have osteoporosis then here are some of the foods you need to avoid to make way for healthy life ahead.

Danger # 1: excessive salt

Salt is bad for bones so, avoid using excessive salt in your diets. According to the studies women who are in habit to use excess salt in their post menopause time lose more minerals from bones as compared to other women. The reason for mineral loss is presence of sodium in the salt. They say that using only 2,300 mg of sodium each day can cause 4,000 mg of calcium loss through urine daily.

To avoid calcium loss you have to work on the increased calcium and vitamin D rich food.

Danger # 2: Drinks

Many popular drinks which are freely taken by children and adults, which are also acclaimed as soft drinks have phosphoric acid which is responsible for the calcium loss from bones. The calcium lost is passed out from body through urine. These drinks can help the osteoporosis in women to mount. If you are in habit to take soft drinks you need to increase your calcium intake to equalize things.

Danger # 3: Caffeine:

Calcium is literally extracted out of bones if you are habitual of taking caffeine. According to an estimate around 6 mg of calcium is lost by body if you take some 100 mg of caffeine. Coffee is major source of caffeine and also tea. But it is said about tea that its leaves has some of the compounds which help protect your bone. Cut down caffeine to save your bones.

Danger # 4: Protein is no Danger

There was a time when everybody has the view that animal's proteins have harmful effect on the bones but studies suggest that it works oppositely meaning they are helpful in building bones. There is around 50 percent protein in bones and for your bones to be repaired you need to have a steady flow of amino acids through your diet.

You know that calcium and vitamin comes to the first position in building bones but proteins are in no way comes second to building bones.

Danger # 5: Soy

As have mentioned before protein are essential building blocks for bones. Soy beverages are rich in protein which can be the best part for your bone to absorb calcium. Oxalates are also present in soy which is helpful in binding up calcium and then making it available for the body. But the problem is some studies have shown that soy can create problem for bone strength while other have shown that if used in the right manner they can cause your bones to strengthen up.

Best Diet to beat osteoporosis:

You can't get the idea from feeling the osteoporosis so it is also difficult to find out which of the diet is affecting your bones adversely. But you have to work on a diet plan carefully so that you can beat this painful disease.

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