Weather Changes Can Trigger Throbbing Headaches

A number of people who experience migraines and headaches find the some things like perfumes, wine etc are triggering factors for headaches. Studies today have suggestive of the fact that higher temperatures can trigger headaches.

Studies are evident that a small rise in temperature can initiate a headache, making him visit hospital on emergency notice, with a person who is prone to headaches. It has been found out that with the rise in only five centigrade can increase headache cases of hospital level. Fall in air pressure has also been linked with triggering headaches.

People thinking that they are controlling their migraine triggers must be known of the effect of the temperature of headache trigger. Experts are of the view that “people in summer often complain ice cream or some cold smoothie to be the reason of their headache”. In fact, the reason is abrupt fall in temperature with the sip of smoothie and the increased temperature around.

An MD has seen a number of headache patients in hospital for years and has discovered through all the years that temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and pollution can increase headaches. At first instance, these factors were never understood to be the reason for the headache but now, evidences and studies are ample enough for making people aware of the fact that these factors have a lion’s share in triggering headache.

Coffee lessens the pain of exercise

A number of gym rats, runners, athletes and bikers take in a cup of coffee before working out, the cup of coffee they will do more than juts energizing them up. New studies are evident that cup of coffee before workouts lessen the pain of physical exertion. This fact works regardless of if you are in coffee habit or not.

Coffee contains caffeine, caffeine has its effects over brain, and spinal cord making them sense less pain through lessening the processing of pain.

A study was conducted over two groups of bikers and one group has to take coffee before they go work out and other group consumes coffee almost negligible throughout they were under tests.

After the initial observation the bikers were monitored and unexpected results come up. The coffee consumers have shown less consumption of oxygen as compared to negligible consumers. The body weight difference was also observed. After caffeine consumption the amount of pain was also observed to be reduced with coffee consumers.

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