Women's Top Five Health Concerns

Science has always been working to improve the life. They had always been trying to find out the way to make life disease free and in the struggle they have come across to many ways to prevent diseases Online Pharmacy. Yes! This is true that life cannot be freed from the risks of the death but it can be made free of disease.

Here is five of the disease which is of great concern to women. The thing Is this article will help you boost your health.

1. Heart disease

2. Breast cancer

3. Osteoporosis

4. Depression

5. Autoimmune disease

I feel the need to recommend Online Pharmacy to you that you must pay visit to your doctor and have words with her. She can direct you in the best way to the prevention of the disease.

Now, let us move to TOP FIVE HITS TO WOMEN HEALTH:

1. Heart disease:

Heart disease is not deadly for women but also men. Online Pharmacy In women this disease is responsible for some 29% of the deaths. Most of women have died a premature death and have experienced other disabilities just because of this disease. Some of the risk factors involved are increasing age, smoking, hereditary and physical inactivity.

2. Breast cancer:

The most common of the cancer in women is breast cancer and many women expire away just because of this cancer every year. Online Pharmacy Women fear this cancer a lot but it is recommended to get information about this disease. You as a woman, need to educate yourself about this cancer. Some of the risk factors for this disease are: increasing age, genes, family history for the appearance for disease, early abnormal breast biopsy and excessive use of alcohol.

3. Osteoporosis:

You must often seen women with hunched backs and bowed shoulders. These were once the part of nearly every old women life until doctors worked out a disease named as osteoporosis. Online Pharmacy Now, with the advancements of the science you can take certain steps to avoid these hunch backs and joint pains in your old age. The risk factors for weak bones are: female sex, increasing age, family history, anorexia, diet low in calcium, smoking and excessive use of alcohol. You can also add one more thing with the risk factors: food rich in sodium salt.

4. Depression:

Depression is a psychological disease which can have adverse results on your health and even personality. Online Pharmacy This disease is more common in women as compared to men. The ratio for women and men patients according to a survey is 2:1. This condition is generally triggered by hormonal changes and in most cases after their pregnancy or the menopause. The risk factors for depression are: previous depressive episode, history of heart problems and marital problems.

5. Autoimmune disease:

This is a kind of disease in which the immune system of the body attacks the body destroying tissues. Online Pharmacy There are about 80 serious diseases related to this illness. There can be many factors which trigger this illness but the chief suspects are said to be genetic, hormonal or some environmental factors.

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